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For the Love of the Shopping Bag

Sydney Maisel-Straitman

For the Love of the Shopping Bag

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, and this year we can hardly wait for the excitement and energy of in-store shopping again!

And while there are so many wonderful reasons to shop (safely) in person this holiday season, there is no greater feeling than walking out of a shop with a beautiful shopping bag in hand!

More than just a means to carry home your purchase, a shopping bag can be a beautiful and powerful marketing tool for your brand. With thoughtful design and attention to detail, a shopping bag can mimic the prestige (or playfulness!) of the item itself.

Take these Canali bags for example. The thickness of the bag itself coupled with an embossing technique for texture exudes an air of masculine sophistication while the ribbon tie detail for closure illustrates a thoughtful attention to detail.

For womenswear, our Rebecca Taylor shopping bag is minimal in its branding, but the soft pink color with matching custom handles, and gold embossed logo are modern feminine, upscale accents. Here as well, the thickness of the bag demonstrates high quality packaging commensurate with the products inside.

Finally, a shopping bag can be an artistic expression. The lovely image of the woman on this bag was taken from an iconic painting displayed inside the customers' boutique. As a luxury women's retailer, this image instantly conveys worldliness and elegance.

We hope you have a productive, enjoyable and safe holiday shopping experience this year and joyfully walk out of stores with stunning shopping bags in hand!

Paper based shopping bags are a win/win for the environment! They can be made from recycled papers and can often be curbside recycled. Always remember to remove the handles from your bag prior to recycling, and if appropriate, you can message these instructions to your consumer on the inside of your bag as well.

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