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5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Custom Packaging for Christmas

There is a festive spirit in the air as shoppers prepare their gifts in pretty wrapping paper, bags, and boxes. Retailers, however, can use these items to create stunning custom holiday packaging, show consumers how much you care, enhance store decor, and add a personal flair to packaging.

The holidays are fast approaching, which means you have a limited amount of time to create creative custom holiday boxes designs. If you are a top-tier service provider, you have virtually endless opportunities, which is why you shouldn't miss this holiday season to spruce up your sales!

Whether you are using mailer boxes, cardboard boxes, paper boxes or Kraft boxes, or any other type of packaging material, you should always provide memorable and lasting customer interaction. By putting a little bit of thought into the packaging you can create a memorable holiday-themed packaging experience for the customers.

Think outside the boxes this Christmas, and come up with the packaging that enlightens your product, stun customers.  Here are some ways to add flair to your Christmas custom packaging boxes.

1. Labels on Custom Holiday Packaging:

Labels can transform the appearance of a design without requiring any alterations. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays are examples of labels. You may also see an image of Santa Claus, snowmen, or a Christmas tree.

Just make sure custom holiday packaging should reflect the holiday spirit. Every small touch counts in the holiday season since it's all about spreading love. It's not necessary to have extravagant displays, all that matters are showing your customers that you are here to provide the best shopping experience to people.

2. Wrapping Paper:

Fortunately, everything appears to be well-wrapped and better nowadays. Wrapping paper outside the packaging or a Christmas gift makes it sound more personalized and give a festive feel. What matters is the item inside the gift packaging, but it wouldn’t hurt to make it appealing from the outside.

Good-looking holiday packaging designs can transport you back in time. The designs take us back to our childhoods. And we can feel the joy of unveiling the gifts under the Christmas tree once more with our families.

3. Hangtags and Thank You Cards:

The easiest way to package gifts for the holidays is to replace your traditional hang tags with ones featuring holiday themes. Thank You cards on the custom packaging show the token of appreciation.

It shows shoppers that you care about them. A little thank you note can make the customer feel more welcomed and valued. Feel free to make the custom printed boxes sound personal as per the taste of holidays and Christmas.

4. Spice Up Your Custom Holiday Boxes:

Make sure you don't send your valuables in simple shipping boxes with a UPS label. Choose colorful boxes instead. Just finish them off with a label or ribbon printed with your company's logo, and your customer is sure to remember you!

5. Capture the Spirit of Christmas:

Christmas is the occasion, where customers want to feel welcomed and live in the spirit of Christmas. Make sure your packaging gives them an experience that keeps that going. Make them feel nostalgic whenever they shop with you.

Alternatively, you can use your lighting and displays to create beautiful magical custom packaging boxes - but keep it simple.


These days, consumers have high expectations. Shoppers expect and want an enjoyable environment while shopping. When it comes to your store layout, how your displays are designed and changed, and how your packaging is presented to your shoppers, you need perfect branding on your custom packaging and it is the best chance for people to remember you, especially at this time of year!


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