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Printing workshop of Xiamen LJY Printing Industrial Co., Ltd. ,

Our advantage:

PROFESSIONAL: Professional team in the international trade and printing / packaging industry for more than 10 years,

Focus: We focus on printing service, customized paper bags and gift packing boxes for our customers,

Quality Control: We have our own manufacturing factory with effective quality control system, We do the quality inspection during every step of production, we have our own QC workers for nonwoven bags, PP woven bags, suit covers, cooler bags,etc.

High quality / Fast lead time / Competitive price

Small order is accepted, every order will be well treated.


Contact: Tim Chen

Phone: +86-(0)592-8519 656

Tel: +86-(0)592-6511 420

Email: tim.chen@xiamenunipack.com

Add: 1st Floor, No.768 Jian Road, Tongan District, Xiamen, China

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