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About us

Xiamen UniPack company dedicates to supply bespoke packaging products and solutions to worlwide customers in the supply chain. Our team is made up of creative, innovative and experienced individuals that have been in the printing & packaging industry for more than a decade. We can help you create a custom packaging solutions for your consumers. We offer a wide range of packaging products such as paper shopping bags, kraft paper bags with paper handles, rigid boxes, foldable gift boxes, color packing boxes, nonwoven bags, PP woven bags, cooler bags, suit covers, paper cups, food boxes, paper food bowls, paper buckets and so on.

We have our own manufacturing factory called Xiamen LYJ Printing Industrial Co., Ltd. which is owned and managed by a small local team of 60 people with a collective two decades of experience. Our factory covers an area of 2500 square meters and we make substantial investments in our machines. We're equipped with 3 sets of Heidelberg printing press, film lamination machines, die cut machines, foil stamp press, UV spot press, box folding machines and so on.

Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to promise our customers great satisfaction.

Our output is fast, accurate and reliable, making us your ideal choice for a 'full line paper packaging supplier'. We provide you a convenient and cost-effective service that minimises costs and shortens the process of printing and manufacturing.

To find out more about our packaging manufacturer facilities, please get in touch.

Our advantage:

PROFESSIONAL: Professional team in the international trade and printing / packaging industry for more than 14 years,

Focus: We focus on printing service, customized paper bags and gift packing boxes for our customers,

Our values: Our talented members understand that your business requires right and good packaging products at the right time. We handle everything from concept to design and from manufacturing to delivery. We work hard to guarantee you a quick and pleasant journey from start to finish.

Quality Control: At UniPack, we ensure that our products exactly meet the requirements set by our customers. We have our own manufacturing factory with effective quality control system, We do the quality inspection during every step of production, we have our own QC workers for nonwoven bags, PP woven bags, suit covers, cooler bags, etc.

Logistics: We can manage your product delivery from our factory to your door or your chosen country / region and port of entry. You can depend on our team with many years of shipping knowledge and delivery!

High quality / Competitive price / Prompt delivery / Professional service

We enjoy a good reputation among our customers which is based on quality, innovation, reliability and professionalism.

Small order is accepted, easy for your start-up business, every order will be well treated.


Contact: Tim Chen

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Email: tim.chen@xiamenunipack.com

Add: 1st Floor, No.768 Jian Road, Tongan District, Xiamen, China

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