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Great brand #GUCCI do great things !

Italian luxury brand Gucci recently announced the official launch of a new packaging design. Dark green decorative patterns are embossed on paper bags and cartons, with ribbons of the same color, and the Gucci brand logo is boldly presented in black. The new packaging will debut in stores and online sales with the Gucci holiday collection in November.

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In response to the sustainable vision advocated by Gucci, the new packaging adheres to the concept of global environmental protection in the process of designing and sourcing raw materials, and all can be recycled. Consumers can also receive exclusive Gucci canvas shopping bags when they buy through the Gucci China official website.

Specifically, all paper and cardboard for shopping bags and shopping boxes come from sustainably managed forest resources. The paper presents a unique green color at the beginning of the production process, which reduces the use of ink, and undyed paper can ensure complete recycling. The handle of the shopping bag is made of 100% recycled polyester and knotted to avoid the use of glue. The natural color dust bag and suit bag are made of a blend of recycled cotton and recycled polyester. The ribbon is 100% organic cotton, and the hanger is made of recycled polystyrene.

Gucci has set a corporate goal of eliminating disposable plastic products by 2030 and abides by the fashion convention signed by the parent company Kering Group. Therefore, all product packaging of the brand currently does not contain plastic.

Gucci's packaging replacement with environmental protection as the theme obviously conforms to the macro trend of the mass consumer market's increasing attention to sustainable development. However, from a comprehensive perspective, the packaging replacement must be well thought out, and its impact will also go beyond the scope of environmental protection and achieve a renewal of the brand image.

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Writer: Drizzie, Article from LADYMAX, translated by GOOGLE


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