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kraft paper bags

  • kraft paper bag
kraft paper bag

kraft paper bag

  • material: brown kraft paper
  • Printing: CMYK or Pantone colors
  • Size: customized
  • MOQ: 50000pcs
  • Product description: Welcome your enquiry to color printed krft paper bag with flat handles for our prices.

We professionally produce and supply various kinds of kraft paper bags with flat handles for worldwide customers.
Material: white or brown kraft paper mostly from 80grams to 200grams,
Printing: flexo printing or offset printing CMYK 4 colors or Pantone colors,
Top: serrated top without turnover flap, or turnover flap 35-60mm,
Bottom: no reinforced board glued in bottom, or reinforced board 250grams glued in bottom,
Handles: flat handles or paper twisted handles, in color white/ brown /black /red /orange and so on.
Machine made bags are strong and durable. 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We offer competitive prices and fast delivery.


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