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how does packaging and rigid boxes make your business valuable

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are made out of thicker cardboard than the one used to make day to day containers. Rigid packaging boxes are made with biodegradable material. The box has four thick walls, a strong, durable base, and a dense top. It is not possible to fold these boxes, so they are shipped in their sellable form. Some boxes have removable top lids, while the others come with a foldable covering. Both the cap and front flap have two magnets hidden inside the cardboard to ensure secure packing for the items that are being sold.

Custom Made Rigid Packaging

The thick and heavy box material comes in handy for the products that need a secure container to hold them. The rigidity of the box prevents the box from losing shape hence protecting the item on the inside. This is a great attraction for the retailers and manufacturers to opt for this type of packaging because they are a better option than the others when dealing with expensive items. Jewelry, watches, fountain pens, perfumes, chocolates, mobile phones, and many other products need a durable box to hold them for selling. The latest and newest styles of packaging are required by consumers every day. It is important to have ideas that can produce individualistic rigid boxes.

Our Quality Designs and Printing Always Wins Customer Trust

Many of our clients have a general and sketchy idea of what they want in their products. To help our customers, we provide them with free design support. Our expert design team listens to what you have in mind and provides you with certain promptings that can end up in a good quality product in the end. Luxury boxes are the most favorable type of containers to be given out as gifts. These rigid luxury boxes are different from their regular type because of the way they are tailored. Our firm provides its consumers with the latest technologies to create customized boxes. With these methods, the clients can produce good quality items that can shine in the market and attract the customers to buy them.

Personalization and Quality Designs

Every day, new ways to create and designing packaging are being introduced so that the manufacturers can take advantage of them. Printing Circle tries to stay on top of things and includes the state of the art technologies in the production circle. Good-looking boxes require good design and boxing techniques to result in a useful product.

Luxury Rigid Packaging and The Best Finishing

To fit the theme of the product either a matt or a gloss lamination can be used for the box. Some of the boxes are solely made for gifting purposes and call for luxurious items to decorate them. Silver, gold, or copper foiling is a good choice available at our production firm that you can use on top of those laminations for finishing. If you want a logo embossed on the box, it is never too late to inform the designer about it. You can also stamp the logos or any other art by using our spot UV technology. Physical sampling is the latest way to be certain about the style of your boxes. The prints of pictures, design work, logos, or any other image can be presented in either flat view or 3D mock-up. To highlights the features of the box that you are trying to get your client's attention on. For a unique touch, die-cutting or window packaging can also be indulged in the designs of our boxes.

Premium Quality Printing and Colors

All these changes are brought in the boxes by using technologies like Offset, digital or screen printing technologies. Our good quality coloring schemes stand behind these three technologies and increase the standard of the printed rigid boxes made by our company. Our clients can choose colors from either CMYK color coding or PMS shading chart. We list as one of the premium box manufacturers that go out of their way to increase the efficiency and outlook of the product. These custom printed boxes are good for the customers who are providing the general public with exceptional-looking boxes. By changing the size, color scheme, and design of these custom rigid boxes, our client can mark their market and industry. It gets easier to have wholesale boxes with free shipping and eliminated die-cut and plate charges for selling out.


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