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  • color printed pillow box
color printed pillow box

color printed pillow box

  • art card board
  • CMYK printing or pantone colors printing
  • sizes can be customized
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
  • Product description: please don't hesitate to contact us for more details of color printed pillow box and your own design is available.

Pillow boxes are only glued to one flap and, like folding boxes, are usually delivered flat. The packaging is elliptical and when folded up resembles a pillow, hence the name pillow box or pillow packaging. The curved shape gives them a certain pizzazz and stands out positively from standard packaging. Various finishes such as blind embossing or hot foil embossing are of course also possible here.

The pillow box is glued with only one longitudinal seam. In addition to cost savings, this also has an advantage in terms of storage. The boxes are delivered flat and therefore space-saving at the same time and can therefore also be stored. Since the pillow box can usually be opened and closed from both sides, the box can be used in a variety of ways. At the same time, the curved ends ensure a secure closure without the need for additional fastening.


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